Industry Partners

The Coleman lab is interested in engaging with industry, government and community organisations to solve real-world problems, and to create new technologies.

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We have worked with BTF-Biomerieux to develop enhanced versions of their BioBall™ technology for quality control in food processing.
We have acted as consultants for the Environmental Defender’s Office, to provide expert advice on groundwater microbiology and pollution issues.
We have worked with Environmental Earth Sciences Inc. to investigate the feasibility of microbial methods for chloroform bioremediation.
We have helped Orica Australia Ltd to understand the microbiology at their Botany site, and to map the distribution of pollutant-degrading microbes​.
We are working in an ARC Linkage project with Tetratech-Coffey, to investigate microbial methods for remediation of polyfluorinated aliphatic compounds (PFAS).
We have worked with the Casino Tannery to investigate methods for bioremediation of chlorinated phenols