iGEM teams

The International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition

iGEM is a global competition in synthetic biology, where students compete to create the most useful or novel GMO microbe. All the information that they generate and all the new DNA elements that they construct are made publicly available; this is an excellent example of open source science.  The Coleman lab has hosted iGEM teams at the University of Sydney since 2013; click the photo to view each team’s project website. Their DNA parts can be found in the Parts Registry here.

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iGEM 2013

“DCA Down Under”. From left: Cyril Tang, Vivian Li, (Nick Coleman), Robbie Oppenheimer, Andrew Tuckwell, James Bergfield, Shuravi Paul. (not shown): Desmond Li, Hugh Ford

iGEM 2014

“Easy cloni”. From left: Andy Bachler, Jeanne Zhang, Abigail Sison, Rokiah Alford, Callum Grey, Tom Connor

iGEM 2015

“Myco Mimic”. From left: Lizzie Richardson, Mark Somerville, Mahiar Mahjoub, Gaia Herrmann, Sandi Bo, Harrison Steel

iGEM 2016

“FRES(H)”. From left: Liam Ferguson, (Nick Coleman), Claudia Moratti, Amanda Chen, Wunna Kyaw, Alma Wu, Sholto Douglas, Sing-Young Chen, Orion Tong

iGEM 2017

“DISCO”. From left: Ruby Dawes, Erica Stewart, Grace Attrill, Courtney Pratt, Jamie Littleboy, Stephanie Sun, Alex Kelly, Emaleen Najjar

iGEM 2019

“Magic Coli” from left: Emma Todd, Isobel McGrath, Nathan Hawkins, (Nick Coleman), Fahad Ali, Merrie Caruana, Benj Gonzaga

igem 2021

“Free coli”. Clockwise from top left: Shae McLaughlin, Emily Cooper, Alex He, Rhys Michelis, Olivia Gorton, Simon Tang

iGEM 2022

“Nanobuddies”. from left: Lukian Adams, (Mark Somerville), Jasmin Li, (Claudia Moratti), Kawana Crowe, Donovan Wu, Jess Zhang, Jackie Yau, Sylvie Nolf, Oliver Nicholls, (Nick Coleman), Kiran Muthukrishnan