iGEM promo 2020

Are you interested in biotechnology? microbiology? synthetic biology? If so, then iGEM is for you ! The Coleman lab is now recruiting the USyd iGEM team for 2020. We hope to have a team finalised by the of end of March, so applications are open until March 13. To apply, you need to send the following documents to nicholas.coleman@sydney.edu.au:

  • an up-to-date CV

  • an up-to-date academic transcript

  • a one-page statement of intent using persuasive writing to explain why *you* should be recruited for this (see UoS outline)

  • a statement that confirms you are eligible to apply (see UoS outline)

  • a statement that confirms you can fit in the iGEM workload into your degree

  • a statement that confirms you are able to attend the Giant Jamboree in the USA (Oct 28-Nov 2, plus 1-2 days each side for travel)
    (these three 'statements' can just be single sentences in the body of the email)

    Below is a link to the UoS description from 2019. ThisĀ  is FYI only, there may be some minor changes in 2020.

    Unit of Study Outline - SCIP3001 - 2019nc